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How to obtain the best compensation with a lawyer specialized in accidents of the road Lille?

Your insurance in charge of your compensation is not your best asset in an accident.  In fact, for financial reasons, insurance aims to rationalize the costs associated with compensation. Which means minimal compensation for you! Go through a lawyer specialized in accidents of the road Lille makes it possible to guarantee the compensation in the best conditions

Who is Laure-Marie DESOUTTER-tarter?

A lawyer at the PARIS Bar and then at the LILLE Bar, Laure-Marie DESOUTTER-Tarter has developed a specific competence for several years. It therefore positions itself as a lawyer specialized in accidents of the road Lille

It advises and assists the victims of life accidents as well as their families to obtain a fair compensation for all the damage suffered by the person in charge or his insurer or a guarantee fund. In order to obtain the fairest compensation, it is therefore advisable to consult a lawyer specialized in accidents of the road Lille

Why use a lawyer who specializes in road accidents in Lille?

Insurances conceal certain points from members what does not play in their favour in the course of their repairs in the event of a collision with a third party, the driver of the vehicle is compensated unless he has committed a fault capable of limiting or excluding the in Any sum of the damage he suffered.

Passengers, pedestrians and cyclists are systematically compensated for their personal injury, in the case of road accidents, without being able to oppose their own fault (with the exception of inexcusable fault if it was the exclusive cause of The accident or if they have voluntarily sought the damage they have suffered.

Indirect or consequential victims may also claim compensation for their damage in the event of significant sequelae of the victim.

Victims of road accidents in the face of insurers ‘ conventions

Even before considering the transactional compensation procedure for road accidents, it is necessary to stop for a moment on the agreements between insurances.

These are signed between the majority of the insurance companies and are intended, according to the insurers, to accelerate and simplify the compensation operations of the victims of the road.

The IRSA (Convention for the direct compensation of the insured and of remedies between the motor insurance companies) deals with compensation for property damage, while the IRCA convention attaches to bodily harm (convention Compensation and auto Body remedies).

These agreements are based on the system of direct compensation of the insured (IDA) by its own insurer and not by that of the adversary, the paying insurer subsequently exercising an appeal against the insurer of the third party liable according to a pre-established IDA scale of responsibility.

More specifically, and in the case of bodily claims, the tendering procedure shall be taken over by the victim’s direct insurer for all partial permanent disability rates (PPIs) less than or equal to 5%; For higher rates or deaths, the road accident procedure is vested in the insurer with the greatest share of responsibility. But be careful, even for material injury your non-liable insurer may be the payer by substituting the opposing insurer.

Finally, and by virtue of the relative effect of contracts, agreements concluded between insurers are not necessary for policyholders who can always refuse their application in disputes concerning them.

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